Studio V!V!D Inc. and IMAGE FACTORY, INC. offer wide range of support for you and your company to market your products/services in Japan. With over 20 years of promotional and marketing experiences in Japan and US, our bilingual staff will assist you to produce superb promotional videos/materials and guide you to a successful introduction into the Japanese market.
Eiji Morimoto established IMAGE FACTORY , INC. (a California corporation) to take care of the growing needs for producing TV commercials, TV programs , industrial and promotional videos in north America for its Japanese clients.

Eiji Morimoto opened a Tokyo Office as Studio Vivid and produced a promotional video that was projected on a huge screen at Aichi Expo. Since then, Studio Vivid has been producing various promotional videos /materials for its Japanese clients to market their products/services in many foreign countries.
Studio Vivid was incorporated as a Japanese corporation. With its bases in both US and Japan, our bilingual staff have co-produced various promotional projects for many international clients.
Company Name Studio V!V!D Inc.
President and CEO Eiji Morimoto
Tokyo Office 1-30-8-1B, Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo , 143-0023 Japan
TEL +81-3-6382-7678 FAX +81-3-6382-7679
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